Metrology Products for Gage Calibration

Measuring instruments for gage calibration laboratories and mechanical industry.
Gage and Instrument inspection is an important factor for the accreditation of quality systems to ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 17025.
Our products range is capable of inspecting solid (hard) gages such as plain plug, thread plug, plain and thread ring, pipe thread, snap gage, indicator, electronic probe, lever type indicator, micrometer, bore gage as well as temperature, humidity and angles.


DMS 680

Universal Length Measuring System

DMS 680


For the inspection of hard-solid gage, reference gage, master and different gages including plug gage, ring gage, thread plug gage, thread ring gage, gage block, snap gage, pipe thread gage, spline gage, external micrometer, internal micrometer, dial indicator and electronic probe.




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